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FAM Staff Cards $125.00

qty: 1,000

With the evangelism system provided by Lean On Him Consulting, each team member receives their own First Aid Ministry class business cards. 


What is the benefit? This cards allows the evangelism team member to promote the ministry in hopes to invite a non-member guest to a 1-on-1 session. Not only that, but it shows value being placed on ministry and the effort to make a high quality presentation in the process.

Sermon Notebook $18.99ea

Have you ever forgotten a powerful point made during the Sunday sermon? Ever lost the bulletin that had some important note from the minister's lesson? If so, the Sermon Notebook is your solution. 

With over 50 pages to record your ideas and insights, you can reflect, study, and meditate on the Word of God, well after the emotional high of Sunday worship has evaporated. Each page is customized with sections to challenge your creative thinking and study habits. Additionally, research shows we are retain information much more likely when we take the time out to write it down. Worship. Praise. Learn.

Path of understanding cards $345.00

qty: 500

Want to be evangelistic, but not quite sure how to approach the lost? Well, the Path of Understanding card do all of the talking for you. 

These are a very straight forward, yet sensitive way to invite a guest to a 1-on-1 session. Use these in the corporate worship setting or among the membership during the week. 

evangelism recruiting cards $345.00

qty: 500

Has your congregation been struggling to add new members to your evangelism ministry team? If so, the Evangelism Recruiting cards are a great tool for adding value to prospective team members.

The goal of each congregation ultimately is to inspire every member to get involved in some capacity with seeking and saving the lost. This is an effective tool to accomplishing that objective.

Encourager Brochure $465.00

qty: 500

As much as we love to celebrate a new Christian's decision to obey the gospel, we need more than hugs in place after they arise from the water.

As part of the evangelism system provided by Lean On Him Consulting, this brochure is critical to the retention of new converts. Each section is designed to instruct, inspire and direct them on their new journey. 

Spiritual Secret Service Cards $345.00

qty: 500

The "Spiritual Secret Service" card is all about lifestyle evangelism. Every member may not be able to quote the Bible at full length, but they provide a "love deposit" in someone's life.

This card allows a church to learn and develop a "giver's mentality" where they look for opportunity to serve without any spotlight shown on their deeds. 

Spiritual celebrity cards $145.00

qty: 1,000

If I told you these cards were made for new converts would you believe me? Well, they are in fact. 

The "Spiritual Celebrity" cards are designed with two distinct objectives: teach them how to be evangelistic from the beginning, while also book their morale. And these new Christians are far more likely to stay with a congregation long term who invest in them in such a unique way.

sermon response cards $445.00

qty: 1,000

Upon the conclusion of the sermon delivered by the man of God, it common to notice both members and non-Christian guests come down front in response to the message.

The "Sermon Response" cards have been developed to address the unique needs of both categories. In other words, members do not have the same needs as a non-Christian guest. And if we are trying to transition them to have a 1-on-1 Bible study, this card ensures that the information is tailored to those needs.

FAM reservation cards $345.00

qty: 500

Create the ultimately experience for a non-member guest when you let them know that a room has been "reserved" for their 1-on-1 Bible study session. 

The FAM Reservation card is all about hospitality. For a person who may not know the teacher, the church or its members, doing all that you can to make them feel comfortable goes a long way during the actual study session. Not to mention, the guest is easily reminded of the impending class because of the physical card they are instructed to hang on to until the day of the session.

FAM guest registration cards  $475.00

qty: 1,000

Welcome to the ultimate experience for guest registration. This is no ordinary card for guest to fill out as they hurry to their seat on the pew. 

The "FAM Guest Registration" card is a powerful Spiritual tool for connecting and evangelizing the lost. Every section is designed to extract specific data points that give the church permission to minister to their soul salvation.

"More Than A Guest" cards  $365.00

qty: 500

The "More Than A Guest" card is a special tool for connecting to the heart of guests as they enter your church location. 

In a world full of people operating with self motives, insensitive responses, this card lets a guest know that we are interested in "you". Not just as a prospective member who can increase our bottom line or lend a hand to serve our goals, but a human being who deserves value.

Sower's Prayer cards  $345.00

qty: 500

For every event that occurs during the year, leadership typically solicits the participation of the membership to invite and show up in "big numbers". 

The "Sower's Prayer Card" is design to allow members to record the names of their prospective guests, and offer prayer for their attendance and openness to the Word of God. Momentum and a sense of excitement spark as members observe one another turn in their cards. 

Spiritual Celebrity Encouragement cards  $355.00

qty: 500

Imagine you are a new Christian and you've had a challenging week. All of a sudden one of the leaders walks up to you with a stack of "Spiritual Celebrity Encouragement" cards that express countless remarks of encouragement and kind words.

What would be the occasion for this? Nothing special- just a small way to offer encouragement to a babe in Christ to keep on striving and growing in the faith.

FAM class brochure  $465.00

qty: 500

Unfortunately, when we invite someone to church by using the words "Bible Study" not everyone responds with excitement. To some, this means come prepare to argue and defend your position. To others, it is an opportunity to teach you a thing or two about their religion.

Under the evangelism system provided by Lean On Him Consulting, we have developed powerful tools such as this brochure to connect and convert the lost. 

"Chat with the minister"

  Gift voucher  $335.00

qty: 500

Preachers are faced with this dilemma every Sunday after worship: should I abbreviate my conversation with one member, in order to get to all of the guests in attendance? 

Most guest think very highly of the man of God, and consider it a privilege if they have the chance to get his undivided attention, even if it's just to have small talk. This "Chat With The Minister" gift voucher is an attempt to solve the conundrum while also incentivizing them to attend service repeatedly.

"What's Your Answer?" Polo   $22.50ea

The "What's Your Answer?" polo is a very unique evangelism tool for members to use outside of the church setting. 

It serves as a great conversation starter while at your kids sports activity, or while in line at your local grocery store. Once a person inquires about the content and what the "answer" actually is, each member use it as an opportunity to extend a warm invitation to study the Word of God to discover the answer together.

"Evangelism Awareness" cards   $345

qty: 500

Lean On Him Consulting provides a comprehensive evangelism system that empower the whole church for evangelism.

Yet, because of human nature, we soon lose sight of being in-tune with the presence of the new Christians added to the Lord's church. The "Evangelism Awareness" cards ensures that members maintain their focus.